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Shizuhatayaki Top Page
Shuka Pottery
About Shizuhatayaki

Since I succeeded to this pottery, thanks for many people, I have been able to keep the pottery. All the Shizuhatayaki potteries had closed in the past because of natural disaster and historical circumstances, and later some potteries resumed making Shizuhatayaki. Now, there is only one pottery making Shizuhata wares whose the main motif is "Onifuku", that is "Shuka Pottery".

'Onifuku' is the origin of Shizuhata_yaki, in which a fortune ('fuku') face is painted on the front side, and devil's face ('oni') is formed on the back.

shizuhatayaki pottery, Shuka
shizuhatayaki pottery, Shuka

I work every day in the pottery succeeded from Tuichi Aoshima the fourth. The pottery is old but still in good codition.

Irabo bear mug
Irabo coffee cup

More than anything else, I would like visiters to use Shizuhata_yaki products in daily life and find its quality and function. I believe using Shizuhata_yaki makes your home cooking, tea, coffee and bear something new.

Stamp of Shuka Pottery the fifth, Godai Shunjyuka

Shuka Pottery the fifth, Godai Shunjuka

Copyright 2015 Shuka Pottery

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95, Yanagi-cho, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka, Japan