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Yaizu Kirimi/Yaizu City

Yaizu City is located about 80 miles southwest of Tokyo, Japan. It takes about 2 hours from Tokyo Station by bullet train "Shinkansen" and local train "Tokaido".

Yaizu Shrine

Yaizu Shrine. Yamatotakeru is the main god of this shrine. The brave festival "Ara-matsuri" is held every summer.

Seaside Avenue

Hama-dori (seaside avenue) is along with this waterway. In this house, they manufacture sails for vessel.

Seaside Avenue

This is a factory shop of the long-established katuo-busi (dried bonito) processor.

Japanese sake brewery

This is a sake brewery. The sake is called "Isojiman" which is one of the finest Japanese sake brands. It is located close to the fishing port, but high quality water is available here.

Yaizu Port

Mt. Fuji viewed from the Yaizu Fishing Port.

Yaizu Port

Yaizu Fishig Port is a big port, so several fish wholesale markets are available for types of fishing vessels. This is for longline fishing vessels.

longline vessel

Tuna Longline Vessel. Fishes which are caught by longline are high quality, because of less damages. Yaizu Kirimi purchases materials from these longline fishing vessels.

unloading at Yaizu Port

Several tens of tracks get together and surround the unloading platform.

frozen fish

Fishes which are caught by longline, are promptly headed and gutted, and quickly frozen at -60℃. Freezer trucks are along the side of longline vessel, so freshness is completely kept.

black-headed gull

Black-headed Gull