menpa/Tools which his great-grandfather had used
Tools which his great-grandfather had used

Great-grandfather's Masterpiece
menpa/Great-grandfather's Masterpiece

menpa/Great-grandfather's Masterpiece
same as above

Grandfather's Masterpiece
menpa/Grandfather's Masterpiece

menpa/Grandfather's Masterpiece
same as above

Father's Masterpiece
menpa/Father's Masterpiece

menpa/Father's Masterpiece
same as above

He accepted repairing request of his father's product.

This is repairable.

History of Ikawa Menpa Craftsman Mochizuki

Founder Kukuemon died in 1830.

Second generation Iwaemon died in 1849.

Third generation Ichisuke leaves his name as Ichisuke Menpa.

Fourth generation Masayosi Aoki established Aoki Craft Corporation in 1942.

Fifth Generation Yoshiaki Mochizuki who changed the business name to Ikawa Menpa Mochizuki, died in 2010

Six generation Eiichi Mochizuki

Origin of Ikawa Menpa

Ikawa is a mountain village which is located 38 miles northwest of Shizuoka City. The village is along with the Oigawa River, and famous with for its Ikawa Dam, Hatanagi Dam and Citizen's Forest.

However, long time ago, it was a poor village where villagers made a living by black mushroom, wasabi and green tea. In the daily life, Ikawa Menpa was created and has been developed. According to old books, Ikawa Menpa was created in 1760 or in the mid Tokugawa period for the purpose of lunch box or canteen.

Thereafter, crafstmen have improved handcrafting technology of Ikawa Menpa. The original model of Ikawa Menpa is round shape, but now square corner and oval models are available.

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