Through my online exhibits icluding "Onifuku", "Irabo" and "Fuji" patterns, please enjoy traditional and new designs. Onifuku which is the traditional pattern since Tokugawa era beginning in 1600, is the main motif of Shizuhatayaki. Irabo which is the traditional ceramic art technique introduced from the Korea Peninsula, was incorporated into Shizuhata_yaki. Fuji is Shuka's original pattern.

Shizuhatayaki_Onifuku small_ver.1

Onifuku small  11X10X4 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Onifuku medium_ver.1

Onifuku medium  15X12X5 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Onifuku set of three_ver.1

Onifuku set of three

Shizuhatayaki_Onifuku large_ver.1

Onifuku large  19X16X7 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Onifuku Extra-large

Onifuku Extra-large  26X22X9 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Onifuku rice bowl_ver.1

Onifuku rice bowl  13X12.5X7 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Onifuku sake large cup_ver.1

Onifuku sake large cup  7X7X6 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Onifuku sake cup_ver.1

Onifuku sake cup  6X6X4 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Onifuku tea cup_ver.1

Onifuku tea cup 9X9X7 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Fuji small dish blue_ver.1

Fuji small dish blue  9X9X1 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Fuji small dish white_ver.1

Fuji small dish white  9X9X1 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Fuji small dish set_ver.1

Fuji small dish set

Shizuhatayaki_Irabo bowl_ver.1

Irabo bowl  16X16X10 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Irabo tea cup_ver.1

Irabo tea cup  7X7X6 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Irabo one person teapot_ver.1

Irabo one person teapot  12X9X9 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Irabo sake pitcher_ver.1

Irabo sake pitcher  6X6X11.5 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Irabo sake large cup_ver.1

Irabo sake large cup  6X6X4 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Irabo sake pitcher round_ver.1

Irabo sake pitcher round  8X8X12 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Irabo glazing bear mug small_ver.1

Irabo glazing bear mug small  7X7X8 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Irabo glazing bear mug medium_ver.1

Irabo glazing bear mug medium  7X7X10 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Irabo bear mug medium_ver.1

Irabo bear mug medium  7X7X10 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Irabo coffee cup_ver.1

Irabo coffee cup  7.5X7.5X6 cm

Shizuhatayaki_brush-marked small bowl_ver.1

brush-marked small bowl  12X12X4 cm

Shizuhatayaki_Irabo teapot_ver.1

Irabo teapot  13X15X7 cm

Shizuhatayaki_blue-tone bowl with lid_ver.1

blue-tone bowl with lid  8.5X8.5X10 cm

Shizuhatayaki_blue-tone tea cup_ver.1

blue-tone tea cup  8X8X8 cm


vase  6X6X25 cm

Shizuhatayaki_hand-painted small bowl with lid _ver.1

hand-painted small bowl  9X9X9 cm

Shizuhatayaki_cinnabar bowl_ver.1

cinnabar bowl  20X20X6 cm

Shizuhatayaki_large salad bowl_ver.1

blazing large salad bowl  26X26X8 cm

Shizuhatayaki_sake cup_blue

sake cup blue  7.5X7.5X11 cm

Shizuhatayaki_sake cup赤その1

sake cup red  7.5X7.5X11 cm

Shizuhatayaki_blazing red bowl_ver.1

blazing red bowl  17X17X6 cm


Blue_cup  8X8X9 cm


Red_cup  8X8X9 cm


hand-painted_vase  9X9X14 cm

shizuhatayaki mini pot

mini-pot (for bonsai)  5X5X3 cm

shizuhatayaki watering pot

watering pot  5X5X7 cm

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